Glass cleaner

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For regular, hygienic deep cleaning of all interior and exterior glass. Removes all dirt deposits, including long-standing grime. Suitable for old and new glass. Provides a unique streak-free “like new” appearance with clear visibility. Can be used in combination with Nano Elements Glass Protector. The product is gentle on skin, environmentally friendly, and safe for materials. Safety: Non-hazardous product.

Keep out of reach of children.

Shake well before use. Add 100 ml or 10 caps of the product to 5L of water. Wash the glass with a wet sponge. Dry the surface with a squeegee and chamois cloth. For heavy soiling, add more product to water and repeat the treatment



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27 June 2023

“I professionally tested Nano Elements Solar Cleaning & Protection on a large solar panel field. I have never come across such an efficient cleaning agent. Bird droppings and moss adhesion were effortlessly removed.”

21 May 2024
De afgelopen periode heb ik de Nano Elements Solar uitvoerig getest en gemonitord op onze zonnepanelen.
Ik kan concluderen dat mijn panelen, na het behandelen met Nano Elements Solar, geen rendementsverlies opleveren doordat vuil, fijnstof en vogeluitwerpselen zich moeilijk kunnen hechten aan de panelen.Wanneer de panelen goed geplaats zijn en gericht op het zuiden, het een zonnige dag is met hoge temperaturen er (voornamelijk tussen 13:00 en 15:00) een rendementsverhoging plaats vindt ten opzichte van de niet behandelde panelen.

Erg tevreden en ik raad Nano Elements zeker aan!

13 July 2023

“The Nano Elements floor cleaner works excellently; dirt is easily removed. After applying the Nano Elements floor protector on my floor, it’s clear that my floor gets less dirty quickly. Any spots are easily wiped away with a microfiber cloth.”

Glass cleaner


Glass cleaner


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